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  1. Jason Wells
  2. Cyber Crime & Security
  3. Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Hidden camera in team locker room - Georgia University Campus

Have a read of something similar in Singapore

Unfortunately, this is the negative side to tech advances. Spy cameras are getting smaller in size, can store a lot of videos, quality can be HD and you can connect via Bluetooth, wifi or Mobile 3/4G.

What you can do

1. Regular Inspection of accessible spaces near high-risk areas i.e. changing rooms, showers, toilets
2. Know your fixtures and fittings
3. Seal off potential hiding places with security tags that break
4. Search the common 6 spaces (Ceiling, Walls, and Floor)

Want to learn more?

Search Training

QCC Global are experts in the detection of secret cameras, spy trackers, covert data taps and hidden microphones. We do this for some of the biggest companies in the world, sports teams and government organisations.

We run regular 1 day training sessions for corporate security teams, facility management employees or building owners.

Our training covers common devices, what they need to operate, how they are hidden, likely locations, search techniques, equipment and incident handling steps.

Contact me to proactively protect people at your facility

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